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For business

Businesses are as important as homes in our eyes, they are developed with love, care and determination so we at Solar Security believe that it should therefore have the same level of security that we provide many homeowners. We offer numerous CCTV systems that are appointed to cover the areas that are susceptible or vulnerable to break-ins. Our first step in securing your business is to discuss with you how you want to protect your business and the types of products you are interested in. We at Solar Security pool our knowledge and combine this with your interests to create a security system that is of a high quality
yet affordable.

We understand the importance of protecting yourself, your employees and your business, to establish this we provide CCTV that can be overseen from wherever you are with your smartphone, tablet or computer enabling you to ascertain the safety of your employees and business. Motion activated CCTV is also an option so that the footage that is recorded is only activated by movement in areas that you have deemed vulnerable. However constant footage can also be recorded if this is concluded to be a better way to maximise the security of your business.

In the initial stage of our meeting we confirm your needs and add to this our vast knowledge, we create a plan and strategize the placement of your CCTV system with our expert team of professionals. We ensure that you can see the areas from your front door to areas that are in your blind spots such as alleys ways so that you can witness in mega pixel quality the absence and presence of danger and therefore you can act before any threat occurs. We can also connect your CCTV system so that it alerts yourself, any appointed people and optionally the police via email alerts.

CCTV had been acknowledged to decrease crime by becoming a visible deterrent to those who would commit crime. It is our responsibility to aid in securing your business for your peace of mind and those of your employees. We believe that you should be able to feel comfortable within your business and when away.

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